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New Section on Macular Degeneration: Signs, Symptoms and Treatment

I have created a new section entitled “Macular Degeneration:  Signs, Symptoms and Treatment” on the site.  This should serve as an “anchor” page to give a nice overview of the various aspects of macular degeneration.  It should be used as a reference area for the web site.

It is always easy to find……..on the left panel of the blog.

Counter-intuitive – I am not sure why I could not have designed this page, and others, such as diabetic retinopathy and retinal detachment earlier, but I couldn’t figure out how I wanted the page to work.  My wife, Amy, just mentioned this the other week, and suddenly, the plans for the navigational architecture for the site just opened up for me.

I would have thought that having a nice anchor or “all-about macular degeneration”  page would have been the first thing I started with, but oh well.  (I used to do the same thing when writing term papers; I’d write the conclusion first and then gather the arguments and write the opening paragraph last.)

Intuitive Navigation – I plan to have a similar page for diabetic retinopathy and perhaps a few other sections.  The sections are technically “pages” and will always be just one click away as they are listed separately, and differently from the usual, more frequent, posts.

In this way, I am hoping that new visitors will gain some core knowledge about the particular disease and then develop a deeper understanding, or appreciation of the frequent articles.

Directions - I have also (many of you may have seen the email mentioning this over the weekend) created a small welcome page that should remain in full view on the “Home” page.  It will guide new visitors to the different areas of the page.  I have always felt it was somewhat confusing.

Hope this will make reading and learning a bit easier.

Comments are welcome.


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