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Pneumatic Retinopexy for Retinal Detachment | Retina Specialist, Fairfax, VA
April 10, 2014 By admin

Part 2 of a series on repairing a retinal detachment. Using gas, freezing or laser and head positioning, a retinal detachment can be fixed in the office!

Fixing a Retinal Detachment | Retina Specialist, Fairfax, Va.
April 3, 2014 By admin

Here’s the beginning of a short series on repairing a retinal detachment. The scleral buckle is the oldest, has some complications, but may be the best method.

Surgeons vs. Non-Surgeons
June 20, 2013 By admin

There are basically two types of doctors; surgeons and non-surgeons. The basic difference is that surgeons can’t change their minds.

When to Call After Your Retinal Surgery
April 4, 2013 By admin

Following retinal surgery, there are two particular signs of serious complications…pain and loss of vision.

Emergency, Elective and Cosmetic Surgery
December 13, 2012 By admin

The difference between emergency surgery and elective surgery is only the immediacy of the surgery. Loss of function can occur in both types and both are covered by insurance.

Your First "Post-Operative" Eye Exam After Retinal Surgery
October 17, 2012 By admin

Your eye exam following your retinal surgery can be very brief. Believe it or not, very, very few things need to be checked!

Loss of Vision in an Old Friend
October 11, 2012 By admin

AB has been a patient of mine for almost 20 years. He’s had diabetes most of his life, but recently has been losing vision…but I think he’s okay.

October is the AAO Meeting
October 18, 2011 By admin

The American Academy of Ophthalmology starts this week. I will be going to learn about the latest in retinal disease, but also will be teaching…about marketing.

Anesthesia For Eye Surgery
August 18, 2010 By admin

Most eye surgery is performed while you are awake, yet comfortable. Occasionally a sedative is needed, but general anesthesia is often not needed.

Blog Improves My Medical Practice
August 16, 2010 By admin

Having a blog says a lot about me. It says I am a doctor that invites communication with my patients. I even encourage email!


A detached retina is potentially blinding. The retina is the light sensitive tissue that lines the inside of the eye. A retinal tear or hole usually leads to a retinal detachment. Floaters can sometimes be the earliest, and only, symptom. Many times there is little warning and a retinal detachment usually occurs without trauma.

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