Best Test for Macular Degeneration

The best test for macular degeneration (ARMD) is a fluorescein angiogram (FA).  The fluorescein angiogram involves the injection of a dye (not iodine based) called fluorescein.  As the fluorescein dye travels through your retina, pictures are taken which may help your doctor diagnose macular degeneration. Who Performs a Fluorescein Angiogram? In most instances, a retinal … [Read more...]

Sophie is 93 and Reads!

The word Hope on paper background

This summer I'm celebrating another patient of mine.  SR is also a transplant from Florida, just as my oldest patient "Donald."  As with Donald, SR also suffers from wet macular degeneration. SR is now 93 years old and moved from FL to the Washington, D.C. area about 2.5 years ago.  She lives independently, reads daily and has a great daughter who accompanies her to … [Read more...]

Vitamin & Diet Recommendations for ARMD

Diet and Vitamin Recommendations for ARMD, Randall Wong, M.D. Retinal Specialist

With the AREDS 2 study recently published, the recommendations for vitamin supplements have not changed. AREDS 2 did not change any of the recommendations for changing diet or adding supplements.  While it didn't lead to any discoveries, it did validate the original AREDS study. Take the AREDS Formulation! The original AREDS formulation contains; Vitamin C, 500 … [Read more...]

AREDS 2 Vitamin Study for Macular Degeneration

Results of AREDS 2 Study for Vitamins to treat Macular Degeneration

The original AREDS study (Age-Related Eye Disease Study) was published in 2001 and concluded that a combination of vitamins and supplements, the "AREDS Formula," consisting of  vitamin C, vitamin E, B-Carotene, zinc and copper could reduce the risk of developing advanced ARMD. The "AREDS Formula" has been recommended for patients with intermediate or high risk ARMD. … [Read more...]

Best Treatment for Wet Macular Degeneration

Best Eye Treatment for Wet Macular Degeneration, Randall V. Wong, M.D., Retina Specialist, Fairfax, Virginia.

The best treatment for wet macular degeneration is a treatment which efficacious, has no complications and is effective.  Actually, these are the three attributes of any "best" treatment. The best treatment for wet macular degeneration comes close to meeting these criteria.  At present, anti-VEGF treatments; Avastin, Lucentis, Eylea and Macugen are commonly used for the … [Read more...]

Avastin Injection Recall

Avastin Safe, Compouding pharmacy source of infections.

Avastin injections, used for wet ARMD,  are again linked to eye infections.  At least five patients have developed intraocular eye infections after receiving Avastin injections distributed by the same compounding pharmacy located in Augusta, Georgia.  A voluntary recall of all sterile products from Clinical Specialities, Inc., has been issued.  Most of their drugs are … [Read more...]

New CentraSight Telescope for Macular Degeneration More Available

CentraSight Now Available, CMS to reimburse for implantable telescope to treat macular degeneration

  VisionCare increases provider locations for implantation of the CentraSight telescope for macular degeneration.  The telescope, indicated for patients with end stage (advanced) macular, was FDA approved last fall for use in selected patients suffering from the blinding disease. The device and implantation is covered by Medicare for those who meet certain … [Read more...]

Patient Blinded by Wet ARMD Reads with iPad

Apple IPAD used as a reader for patients with macular degeneration.

My patient, Dick Marquis, has had wet macular degeneration affect both eyes.  While now legally blind, the iPad has allowed him to remain as functional as possible.  I asked him to write this article to serve as an inspiration to others. - Randy Before Wet Age Related Macular Degeneration (Wet ARMD) struck me, I was an avid reader. My morning ritual was coffee and the … [Read more...]

What is a Fluorescein Angiogram?

Fluorescein Angiogram is a diagnostic test used by retina specialists.

A fluorescein angiogram is a diagnostic test used to evaluate the health and blood flow of the retina.  It can be a diagnostic tool and is used primarily by retinal specialists. Inject Dye into the Arm A small amount (3-5 cc) of fluorescein dye is injected into your arm.  The dye will travel to  your retina in about 12-15 seconds (depending upon your heart).  A series of … [Read more...]

Fake Avastin Hits United States…Again

Fake Avastin Hits U.S. Markets

Another fake shipment of Avastin was discovered in late March.  The first episode occurred in early February.  In both instances, the bogus drug was purchased from a manufacturer in Turkey, then distributed eventually to the U.S. by a string of suppliers. The brand name "Altuzan" is used for the drug manufactured in Turkey.  Apparently the packaging of "Altuzan" … [Read more...]

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