“Low Vision” Is Not “No Vision:” Part 1

I am happy and honored to introduce Dr.  Chris Renner as a contributor to RetinaEyeDoctor.com!  He and I practice closely together in Northern Virginia.  I asked him to write about Low Vision. - "Randy" What is Low Vision? The great advances in treatment of eye disease have prevented many cases of blindness, however, many patients suffer partial visual loss and … [Read more...]

Signs Vs. Symptoms of Macular Degeneration

Signs of a disease are actually "findings upon an examination."  Signs are what a doctor sees.  Symptoms are what ails the patient.  Both signs and symptoms should match up to make a diagnosis.  Sometimes there is a disconnect, that is, signs are present, but no symptoms, etc. Signs of macular degeneration include drusen, pigment changes, serous fluid and … [Read more...]

Avastin: An Adjunctive Therapy for Proliferative Diabetic Retinopathy

Avastin® is useful for a variety of eye conditions;  it is principally used to treat wet macular degeneration and is becoming a popular option to treat diabetic macular edema.  On occasion, Avastin has also been useful, in my practice, to treat patients with proliferative diabetic retinopathy. VEGF (Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor) also causes abnormal blood vessels … [Read more...]

A1C Now Used to Diagnose Diabetes

The American Diabetes Association now recommends basing the diagnosis of diabetes upon the hemoglobin A1C levels and not on fasting glucose tests.  In addition, an A1C of less than 7.0% should be the target for glucose control.  How with this impact the treatment of diabetic retinopathy? The change in recommendations stems from the fact that the A1C blood test is an … [Read more...]

Blood in the Retina: You Make the Call

Retinal Blood, Right Eye

A patient of mine returned this morning with complaints of decreased vision in the right eye.  She is 84 years old, has a history of smoking and noted some "blurriness" in the right eye for the past few months.  With both eyes open, however, she sees pretty well. The first thing we did was examine her.  This is a retinal photograph of the right eye.  What do you see?  … [Read more...]

“Cross My Heart, Hope to Die, Stick a Needle in My…”

I give intravitreal eye injections everyday! It is one of the most rewarding things I do! And they come back for more!  My patients love it because anti-VEGF injections usually work really well, especially if the wet form of macular degeneration is caught early. Suspicion Confirmed When I examine a patient and suspect that a patient has wet macular degeneration, … [Read more...]

Macugen: First anti-VEGF Eye Injection….so, Where’s Waldo?

Like the image game "Waldo," Macugen® seems to be lost in a sea of literature about other anti-VEGF intraocular injections.  Macugen was; however, the first intraocular injection for the treatment of wet macular degeneration.  It became FDA approved for the treatment of wet ARMD in 2004.  Where is it now? The First anti-VEGF Intraocular Injection. Quite simply, this was … [Read more...]

VEGF Causes Blindness in Diabetes and Macular Degeneration

JD_CO0093  PDR in Layers, JDInsert

Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor is implicated in both diabetic retinopathy and wet macular degeneration.  Anti-VEGF medications, such as Macugen®, Lucentis® and Avastin® have changed the way we handle both diseases. This week we'll review VEGF and the three key anti-VEGF medications. What is VEGF? Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor (VEGF) is a substance that is … [Read more...]

New Review Section: Diabetic Retinopathy, Signs, Symptoms and Treatment Options

I just completed the new section on diabetic retinopathy.  As with the other sections, it is a comprehensive review of diabetic retinopathy. The link is located on the left panel under "SECTIONS" or click here. My next goal will be to complete the various sections (I haven't decided if I even need extra topics) and then continue posting as usual.  I still need a … [Read more...]

New Section on Macular Degeneration: Signs, Symptoms and Treatment

I have created a new section entitled "Macular Degeneration:  Signs, Symptoms and Treatment" on the site.  This should serve as an "anchor" page to give a nice overview of the various aspects of macular degeneration.  It should be used as a reference area for the web site. It is always easy to find........on the left panel of the blog. Counter-intuitive - I am not … [Read more...]

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