Iluvien Gets Closer to FDA for Diabetic Retinopathy

Iluvien, an injectable drug delivery system for the treatment of diabetic retinopathy, gets closer to becoming FDA approved.  Alimera Sciences announced this week that the FDA has given the investigational device "Priority Review" status.  Priority Review status hastens the chances of full FDA endorsement from 10 months to 6 months. What is Iluvien? Iluvien is a … [Read more...]

Mr. Ozurdex’s Vision is Sustained

"Mr. Ozurdex" is a patient in whom I injected Ozurdex® for the treatment of a branch retinal vein occlusion (BRVO).  Ozurdex, is the first sustained release drug delivery system for the eye.  It was FDA approved for the treatment of retinal vein occlusions last summer (RVO).  Allergan began marketing Ozurdex shortly after the FDA approval. Mr. Ozurdex was given an … [Read more...]

Eye Drops for Macular Degeneration

What if there were eye drops for treating your macular degeneration?  What if all you had to do was simply use a few drops a day and your vision would get better?  There is a "solution" for tired eyes, redness, contact lenses, but what about for your retina? Eye Drops for Macular Degeneration Sound Compelling There aren't any eye drops for macular degeneration or … [Read more...]

Steroids Likely to Help Diabetes

Ok, maybe a bit dramatic, but another article was recently published stating that intravitreal injections were used with success to treat diabetic macular edema.   These effects lasted at least 5 years, the duration of the study. This was a small study where two groups were compared.  One group received intravitreal injections of triamcinalone (a steroid) for the … [Read more...]

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