Annual AAO Meeting and Young Ophthalmologists

Randall Wong, M.D., presents to Young Ophthalmologists, AAO 2013

I just returned from New Orleans.  The American Academy of Ophthalmology, 2013, just finished.  Upwards of 25,000 people attended this largest "eye" meeting in the world. Again, I went to teach about the merits of utilizing a website (like this) and social media to improve communications with patients and to develop a modern approach to marketing. Amy and I founded … [Read more...]

Dear Dr. Wong….

Social Media Improves Health Information on the Internet

I want to share this with you.  It is a testament to how valuable a medical website, using social media, can be in terms of providing both patients and doctors. If you've been reading here for awhile, I firmly believe in the power of social media (a blog is the purest form of social media) and how it can improve public health information. Amy and I founded a … [Read more...]

Social Media RoundTable and Article on Doctors’ Transparency

Randall Wong, M.D., Views on Social Media and Medicine

Last week we left for Chicago to share my views on social media and medicine. The round-table was fun.  I enjoyed sharing my views (and I have many) with the other participants:  two related to the business of medicine (Allergan), two practice administrators and two doctors.  My co-participants all have some experience communicating with patients digitally.  None … [Read more...]

This Doctor’s View on Social Media and Medicine

Randall Wong, M.D., Social media for medicine.

I'm going to Chicago this weekend to talk about Social Media and medicine! The American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery (ASCRS) has its annual meeting this year in Chicago.  Ophthalmology Management, an ophthalmology business development company, and Allergan are hosting a "roundtable" discussion on the use of social media in ophthalmology. Allergan has a … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday to Me!

Today is my 51st birthday.  Every once in a while, my birthday falls on a holiday (I was born on Labor Day).  Thus, I have my Dunkin Donuts' coffee, don't have to cook and get the kids off to school and the office is closed! I can really do whatever I My purpose in writing today was to post something nonclinical and personal.  Something … [Read more...]

How This Blog Has Developed…into a Business!

Medical Marketing Enterprises, Medical Website Optimization, SEO and Social Media

  Blogs, the simplest form of social media, can improve health education and at the same time aid interested doctors in marketing their medical practice.  It's a win-win. I started about 2.5 years ago with  It started as a bit of challenge to myself, but resulted after my attorney wife, Amy, introduced me to the techniques of Internet … [Read more...]

Wong Gets Oriented

I took my son for his orientation to St. Mary's College last week.  It gave me an idea of how dependent these kids are on the Internet, not just computers, but the world wide web.  It also made it clear to me just where we "live" now and where we will be "living."  More and more we'll all be turning to the Internet for our credible health information...just look at what … [Read more...]

Patients Abuse the Internet

Most of the time I write about information about regarding macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy.  As many of you remember, I am very interested in persuading more docs to do the same, that is, provide credible health information on the Internet. An article in Reuter's claims that over 50% of Americans turned to the Internet for health information last year.  … [Read more...]

MLK Had a Vision…RetinaEyeDoctor Has an…Idea

Today is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.  Coincidentally, it is also my 150th post to my web site, Dr. King had a wonderful dream.  He had a specific vision.  He shared his inspirations.  In honor of this day, I share my hope of doctors, patients, healthcare...and the internet.  He was an orator.  I blog. I started 9 months ago.  I now reach over … [Read more...]

Social Media: Finding Credible Info On the Internet

Why do you believe everything on the Internet? "I Read it on the Internet" Most of what I read on the internet, regarding health information, is bunk.  Whether it is advice on diets, exercises, medical treatments, etc., most is off target, non-factual and opinionated and biased. People are likely to believe what we read on the internet as gospel because..........well, … [Read more...]

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