Web Site is One Year Old!

RetinaEyeDoctor.com was started one year ago!  I remain as energized as ever about social media, the Internet and patient education.  Creating one of the few objective souces of health information has been a lot  of work...but also very rewarding and fun. Traffic "Traffic" on the web is a good thing.  Traffic refers to the number of people coming to a web site.  The … [Read more...]

Attn Email Subscribers: New Email Alerts

To My Subscribers, In the past few days I have been busy changing the service that notifies you of new articles on the web site. The email alert is no longer coming from Feedburner.com (Google) and should be coming from aWeber (of no consequence to you). Hence, the change in the new look of the message. the "thank you" you just received although you signed … [Read more...]

Medical Blogger: What’s in a Name?

Am I a Medical Blogger? A "blogger" is someone who blogs.  "Blogging" is the act of writing articles, usually about a personal opinion, or posts, and publishing them on a blog.  A "medical blogger"  is usually a doctor that blogs about medical issues.  I am not sure where I fit in.  I am a blogger and I am a doctor, but I try to keep my opinions to myself. Blogging is … [Read more...]

Doctors Improve the Internet!

Doctors can improve the Internet.  Doctors could be creating more web sites that provide good, credible health information, or content, to educate the public.  There is a paucity of reliable "experts" writing on health.  The timing is perfect for docs to become more involved. Stop Playing Doctor Too few doctors really use the Internet to engage patients.  There is the … [Read more...]

My Opinion About Medical Blogging

"Blog" is short for "web log." The term blog commonly refers to a web site that is run by one person and represents that person's commentary, or opinion,  on a particular subject.  Blogs became very popular several years ago because they were "interactive."  People could read an article, or "post," and leave their own comment!  The interactive component made blogs an … [Read more...]

My 100th Post: What I Have Learned, Part II

This is part two of my celebration of my 100th post to this web. Read Part I. 6.  Google Ranks Pages, Not Web Sites - this was at first hard for me to comprehend, but it now makes sense.  What this means to you, is that you should NOT worry about the whole site, that is, your entire site does NOT have to be perfect!  If you work hard (at the SEO, etc.), you may be … [Read more...]

The 100th Post to RetinaEyeDoctor.com: What I have Learned, Part I

This week celebrates my 100th post to the site.  I started in April, 2009, hit the 50th post in August and have been continuing to develop the site.  In August, to celebrate my 50th post, I wrote about what I had learned.  I would like to continue that theme this week. 1.  Stay Focused with Your Writing/Blogging. This is probably the hardest part about developing a … [Read more...]

Part 3. “Credible Information.” Using Social Media to Build Your Practice

Good morning. I closed yesterday by talking about the need for relevant and credible information.  Providing relevant information is Google's (and the other search engines) responsibility.  Providing credible information is my responsibility.  Promoting relevant and credible information is your responsibility. "Because the Internet says so...................." Now … [Read more...]

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